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Harvey Tolibao Art Exhibition to Celebrate the New Year

We’ve probably run out of adjectives and honorifics to describe our experiences with Harvey Tolibao (after all, see here and here) but when he has a signing at Absolute Comics we knew we just had to drop by to say hi once more and to maybe just get one more sketch. Harvey’s already been here for 25 days (26 including today) which is a rather long time for a holiday, but he’s going to be crossing into the 2011 with something special – his very own art exhibition at Wilkie Edge. More on this below.

the art exhibition (with some previously unseen work) will be on the 1st and 2nd of January (this Saturday and Sunday!) at Wilkie Edge. If you’re not sure where it is Google maps will coming in handy – the nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut. It’ll be open from 1pm to 6om on both days, so if you’re not too hungover after partying, why not drop by and say hi again?

And over at Absolute comics, Since there were a lot less people compared to STGCC, Harvey finally had the time to really put some extra finishing touches to each of his sketches this time round.

From left to right, the very amazing sketches of Emma Frost (I believe), X-23 (very much to Peter’s liking), Wolverine (nicely dramatic) and White Queen (aka Emma Frost, but this time with stepping out of frame action). The level of quality is each is amazing – but wait till you see this:

A specially commissioned Phoenix / Cyclops cover to celebrate the birth of a newborn (interestingly the father is named Xavier – apt, perhaps?) He drew this while he sang along to Five for Fighting’s Superman (It’s Not Easy) (not so apt?)

I had a few words with Harvey while he did my commission – he says he’s not sure if he’s working on Fear Itself, and won’t be certain till he returns to the Philippines. I wonder if he’s actually evading the question, since it’s all pretty hush hush right now. His secret project is due around March – pretty close to Fear Itself… itself. On the other hand he did mention that while being in Singapore he’s been pretty much living off commissions, so maybe there’s no official work lined up right now that he knows about. It also seems that his girlfriend would love to move to Singapore, so who knows? Maybe he’ll be based here next time?

But there you go – his first time ever sketching Princess Leia. He always gets request for the bad guys or the lightsaber wielding Jedi, so it seemed like he was really pleased with this. What’s cooler is how 2 separate groups of people actually noticed he was channeling Micheal Turner – personally I noticed a slight J Scott Campbell influence myself, especially since Harvey mentioned Campbell right before diving in.

So do remember to drop by and say hi to Harvey… who knows how long more he’ll decide to extend his holiday?


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