Comic Chunks: It’s a super day!

Wow, it’s a very DC and Supergirl filled day today. We’ve got Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Catwoman, Power Girl #17, Superman/Batman #77 and Supergirl #57. After reading it all, I have to wonder why do people think comics are targeted more for boys? The storylines are more universal and heck, it feels kind of chick lit for some. I guess to reverse it and make guys read chick lit or romance is to disguise them with characters with super powers.

Anywho, Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Catwoman! Ahhh, after Bruce getting slapped by Steph in Batgirl, this is pretty sweet. Sweet in a romantic way for you Bruce/Selina shippers. We’d probably need to wait for Gotham City Sirens to see what happens before this though. Darn publication dates!

From the current GCS, Selina was kidnapped away for people to find out the identity of Batman, we’d need to wait for the next one to see what happens to her (probably everything’s going to be fine somehow) but it just makes you feel as if you skipped and fast forwarded to another scene when you get to this issue. We get to see flashbacks of Selina and Bruce when they were doing the whole teasing and catching each other.

It’s just so freaking romantic and wistful.

Heck, the opening lines of this issue wouldn’t be strange if used for a romance novel. It’s not cheesy, it’s just… Bruce’s love for Selina is just that intense for him to return to the present. Make with the smoochies! It ended without smoochies, darn it! Do I have to get BW:TRH – Commissioner Gordon for that?

Ok, Power Girl #17. She’s got Batman’s help in this issue to find the bad guys (duh). Just to note, the Batman here is Tim Drake. There’s a lot of PG getting punched around and getting lasered in the face. That bit was cool since it just left her sizzling and frowning at the guy who blasted her with his gun. Rather stupid of the dude but even bad guys panic when faced with super heroes and Batman.

I don’t have much to say here but in the end she meets an anti-PG! Looks like her and all but just with black hair. Um, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that or if it’s the artist’s style… One thing is for sure, normal humans can’t stand in just a black bra and jeans in Antarctica.

Superman/Batman #77 interestingly has no Superman and Batman in it. Instead, we’ve got Supergirl and Robin! Damien, oh Damien. He is such a little jerk but he’s turning out to be a nice smart ass jerk. Supergirl is pretty shocked when she involves herself with a mass grave of dead people (as opposed to alive people?) that the police tells her to just leave it to them.

It’s not her usual thing since she usually saves the world from aliens/supervillains etc so that’s why she’s flying around trying to find Batman. She needs help of the investigative kind. Too bad Batman’s away on another mission so thus she gets Robin instead. He’s like the kid who acts tough but has a soft center SOMEWHERE inside so he’s willing to help her.

If you can’t notice by the cover, it’s also the Halloween issue! As the both of them team up, they get into their costumes while investigating a party. Supergirl is in a freaking cute pink bunny suit that looks similar to that of what Anya wore in one of the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Robin in the meantime wore a vintage mobster suit. He’s just so rough on the edges when he said he wanted a matching outfit with Supergirl but couldn’t get a streetwalker one at last minute.

You’re so uncouth Robin.

He’s such a little meanie boy, he was mean to Steph aka Batgirl too when he had to team up with her in other titles. Anywho, it was a little fun jaunt as they figure out who the killer was. Supergirl gets to face her fears and existential emo-ness too. She’s… doing that a lot as of late. No matter, this issue is a full story, won’t make you wait for an ending in the next issue because it’s a short piece.

Supergirl #57 is the continuation of the bizarro world arc! Ok, Supergirl didn’t call onto Superman’s help so thank goodness for that. However, she was going through records to see what he would do when faced with an alien invasion like that. Apparently even Bizarro!Supergirl has issues to face herself. The talk between regular Supergirl and Bizarro!Supergirl about facing ones fears and about guilt is pretty touching.

End of that arc as they finally defeat the aliens and then when Supergirl gets back to earth… She gets dropped a bombshell. Not a literal one but she gets an “Oh crap!” expression on her face regarding her identities.

Or it could be a tease for us to keep reading the next issue.

Well! That’s it for this week, in the next shipment Death from Sandman will be in the upcoming issue of Action Comics #894 so if you’re a fan of hers and Lex Luthor, don’t forget to get it!

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