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Batman celebrates 75th anniversary in Singapore in a big way

Various religious fish are in order here: Batman’s batfans have a lot to be excited about when the caped crusader unleashes his brand of vigilante justice on Singapore … in the form of various collectibles and events. All this in the name of celebrating his diamond anniversary – yes, the world’s greatest detective is now all of 75 years old.

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When you’re 75, you celebrate by going big (well, I would be pretty big by then, given my current diet), and Batman (via Pacific Licensing Studio) will be teaming up with the people from Mount Faber, SingPost, the Singapore Philatelic Museum, DC Super Heroes Store, Toonami, Movie Mania and Right Here Media for various events throughout the year. The various slides above are pretty self explanatory, but here’s a rundown:

  1. The Singapore Cable Car is going to get some nice skins (that aren’t just Batman-themed). To ride them you’ll need to pay S$29 for adults and S$18 for children, and you do get a mask (Batman, Green Lantern, Superman or Wonder Woman) and a souvenir booklet.
  2. SingPost will have a special MyStamp release, a DC Justice League &  Batman 75th Anniversary booklet that will feature 75 original comic covers from over 75 years of DC. It won’t be just Batman in it, and it’s a two-book set that will cost S$89.90. It’ll be released June 3, and you can pre-register for it here.
  3. If you’re anything like Colonel Gumm, here’s more stamp related news: The Singapore Philatelic Museum will have the first and only DC Comics Super Heroes exhibition in Asia, featuring stamps from its collection, the above-mentioned MyStamp stuff, and DC memorabilia on loan from regional collectors
  4. If you’re into the DC stores, a new store has opened at Orchard Gateway, and the Vivocity store will reopen too. There’s said to be exclusive merchandise launching mid-May, but no real idea what they are yet.
  5. The Right Here Messanger will have Batman themed Instant Messaging, but I wonder how many people will pick it up …
  6. Toonami will air new seasons and movies of DC animated series, and Beware The Batman – the first all-CGI Batman cartoon – will premiere June 7.
  7. In December, there will be a cosplay competition together with the guys from Movie Mania called “Heroes And Villians Of Gotham City” … the secret location for the event will be disclosed at a later date … time for me to dust off my Crazy Quilt costume.
  8. Also at year-end, a Batmobile Hologram Exhibition will tour Asia, featuring hologram forms of 5 Batmobiles!
Not to scale. Photo: Alvin Chong
Not to scale. Photo: Alvin Chong

Here’s a look at how one of the cable cars will look like, thanks to the guys at Pacific Licensing Studios.

I need to workout more.
I need to work out more.

So, it’s definitely a big year for Batman in his 75th year (not that he looks it, of course), and with so many events occurring throughout the rest of the year, maybe it’s fine time Batman made friends with Calendar Man.


Sometimes Batman parties too hard. Photo: Alvin Chong
Sometimes Batman parties too hard. Photo: Alvin Chong


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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