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Avengers Singapore announces top 50 Marvel fans in Singapore

Avengers Singapore just released their top 50 Marvel fans in Singapore after a contest where fans were asked to list out why they were Marvel’s biggest fans, and they each won a chance to take a sneak peek at the first 45 min of the Avengers movie! Sadly, none of us as HereBeGeeks have won. Just for fun, here’s my (not-word-for-word) entry.

“I’ve been collecting comics for over 13 years, and even run my very own geek site, to share my love for comics and all things geeky. I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel comics in particular, spending most of my comics expenditure on Marvel comics. I’ve even been invited as panel moderator with top Marvel writer Kieron Gillen during the Singapore Toys Games & Comics Convention. I even got married wearing a Thor tee-shirt.”

I’m guessing I should have added the fact that I used Thor’s hammer to knock open my bride’s door, and also wore metal helmets with feather wings that I DIY-ed the night before (ask Pete!). But yeah, maybe because my favourite Marvel characters are Sleepwalker and Beta Ray Bill – you know, that’s not as hardcore as loving Maria Hill.

Sadly, that was not good enough. Here’s Pete’s entry (also not-word-for-word):

“I’m a big fan of Captain America, having collected almost every single comic book issue of the superhero since 1995, and I am also a fan of Iron Man and the Hulk. In 2010, my friends and I flew to San Diego to attend Comic-Con, where it was officially announced that Joss Whedon would be directing The Avengers and I was also one of the first to see sneak previews of both the Thor and Captain America movies.”

If anything, this goes to show that us here at HereBeGeeks are just NOT geeky enough – and we have a long way to go. We will improve – do tell us how we can! To know that there are at least 50 geeks way geekier than us about Marvel warms the cockles of my aging heart, so it’s cool that Avengers Singapore found them. Hope they enjoy the first 45 min of the movie! (No, I’m not going to reveal which part of the Avengers movie reviewers are saying is the best part.)

Also, congrats to Ultimate Dance Central champion Sarah Dane Comongol for winning a ticket. Glad to know you love Marvel too!

The Avengers Movie opens May 1, and G&B Comics is having their own screening in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day. Excites!


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