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The Geekly News: 17 May 2010

A quick leaf through the Singapore English language papers unveiled one major article of note – a writeup about Chuck in Today, written by May Seah. The article covers 3 pages of interviews with the cast – even Captain Awesome Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster got to say a few words. My scanner was down but thanks to the power of warp and distort tools I’ve managed to get a semblance of something readable below in case you didn’t manage you get your hands on yesterday’s Today. “Yesterday’s Today?” you might ask – well, not only did my scanner die, my local service provider decided to act up and I couldn’t upload photos all night (this also means that by this morning something even more interesting has appeared in the papers, which I’ll cover tonight). I’ve since attached the “scans” below.

Overall it’s an interesting writeup, and it’s nice to see some coverage for Chuck in the local papers. Perhaps most interesting would be Joshua Gomez’s (Morgan Grimes) comment about the differences between a nerd and a geek.

I thought that “nerds” referred to the fellows over at The Big Bang Theory. They have chemistry sets. “Smart” would be a good word. Whereas geeks have Star Wars sheets and Spider-man PJs. They geek out on Lord of the Rings. They blog about whatever. A nerd goes: “I’m trying to cure cancer.”

I don’t think that I could really argue with that! Of course Zachary Levi goes on to add that “most nerds are geeks”… and I think that’s just generalising. So we might have an idea of who the true geek is, in the show.

What say you?

EDIT: Today Online‘s version of the article is right here, especially if you can’t read the “scans” well. There don’t appear to be any differences.

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