The Big Bang Theory S3E13: The Bozeman Reaction

In this episode, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment is burgled, and Sheldon overreacts in a typically geeky and Shaldonesque manner.

It seems as if the more Leonard is featured in an episode, the more annoying it is. And with essentially only 1 plot (revolving around primarily Leonard and Sheldon), this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory is a bit less meaty. There’s only so much one can do with the ‘like a normal sitcom, only with geeks’, and those particular plots seem to be wearing thin. I much prefer when they work on the depth of each character, like Wolowitz’s and Koothrappali’s bromance, or when Sheldon expresses his moments of childlike glee with every piece of comic memorobilia.

That’s not to say that this week’s episode is not without it’s super geekout moments though; just that they are a bit subtler to find. I hadn’t realized the importance of the town Sheldon was going to until I saw the title; the Bozeman Reaction. That’s when it hit me: I’ve heard of that name somewhere. In Star Trek.

Cue obligatory google search, resulting in this page. Turns out Bozeman really does have some hidden meaning; as both the name of a starship as well as the place where Vulcans and Humans established first contact. I don’t know if I should be proud of embarrassed that my high geek quotient allowed me to notice this easter egg, more subtle than most of BBT’s usual geek references.

Another great reference was Sheldon’s hopelessly circuitous pictionary attempt. I got Atom-Pigs-minus-Something Headbow-Dimensional-Prison Pear-Something. Which…. I think is pretty decent. And when he explained his Higg’s Boson Particle I lulled (and yes I think that’s something I should be embarrassed about).

All in all, it had its moments but in general a bit light on the content for my liking. Hopefully next week’s is better.


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