That Week in Geek: TV Superheroes

So just the other day we took a look at the news, and now we’re back again – this time moving from print to screen. Once again, it’s nice to see these articles in print, and while we don’t have the manpower to catalogue them all, we would love that there be some sort of curation of this all, to see the trend for geek news and all that.

So this time the article covers the recent mini-revival of superhero TV shows and what’s come of it so far – and well, you can’t really call it a mini revival when it’s pretty much stillborn.

I did like No Ordinary Family (it had its moments) and hated The Cape. What I did catch of Alphas so far was intriguing, but has not managed to really capture my attention. What’s happening now is that it appears as if the networks are moving on from superheroes to fairytales and hoping to strike a goldmine there, what with Grimm and Once Upon A Time airing or about to air, and so we’ll see where that takes us. But what I think they fail to understand is how much quality writing (and good CGI, see: Once Upon A Time, more on that later) can elevate a “trendy” show, and what No Ordinary Family and The Cape, both now cancelled, lacked was just that. Plots were insipid and went nowhere.

And I do agree with Melvin – while Powers might have superheroes and all that, in the end it’s about the adaptation, and not about how cool or how trendy the powers are (haha pun woot).


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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