Singapore Skye-line makes guest appearance on Agents Of Shield

The all familiar Singapore skyline - unless you've stayed in Wisconsin for a few months.
The all familiar Singapore skyline – unless you’ve stayed in Wisconsin for a few months.

Reports from friends and readers have confirmed that Singapore makes a very special guest appearance in the latest episode of Agents Of SHIELD that was just screened in the US on April 22. But whatever could it mean?

Based on tweets, one can gather that Singapore appears in the scene above, which is described as taking place in a toilet with Skye. Based on the image it’s hard to say anything other than that’s obviously a photo of Singapore – so it’s not like the Agents are coming to Singapore, but one can only hope that maybe we’re one of the bases for SHIELD?

After Agents of SHIELD started becoming all connected, it appears that things are getting better – but it’s sad to say that Singapore is about 4 weeks behind the US broadcast, which means that we can’t even catch our own cameo.

Still, what is known is that Skye (well, Chloe Bennet) is making her way to Asia (Shanghai, then Thailand), so maybe one of you can head over to ask her what it all means?


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