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Hullo, Guv’nor – The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey gets coherent

Article from Life!

He’s David Morrissey, British actor with an on-screen acting career spanning 30 years. While he hasn’t actually done any major roles (maybe you’re more familiar with his body of work than I am), that’s definitely not stopping the increasing British invasion of American TV. Interviewed by Life!’s Nicholas Yong ahead of the TV show’s premiere on Oct 21 on our shores (and earlier in the US), David Morrissey gives off the scent of one who is really excited about his role in AMC’s hugely popular series. While it’s arguable that not many people might be unexcited by the role (maybe they watched last season’s unexciting, moves-as-fast-as-a-zombie episodes) – Morrissey definitely has a big role all to himself – that of the governor.

Those who’ve read the comics will know that the Governor is ALL KINDS OF SICK (and gets ALL KINDS OF SICK done back to him), so it’s interesting that the show is trying to get us to look at the Governor from another angle, and perhaps even empathise with his position – after all, what better way to get us filled with revulsion than to see someone we identify with turn absolutely shit-crazy? And let’s not forget, the show’s more than happy to take liberties with the comic’s plot, including removing all sense of pace.

So it’ll be interesting to see what the show’s up to this season. It definitely is the worst of 3 ways to enjoy the Walking Dead universe (I’m not including the toys here, obviously) – so it’ll be nice to see how things move this season. Maybe with more life than a zombie?


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