Get Lost In Space again with Netflix’s new series

Lost In Space is a beloved 1960s science fiction classic, and now Netflix is aiming to help us forget the horrible 1998 remake with a new Lost In Space series. You can check the date announcement video above.

Set 30 years into the future, the new Lost In Space once again features the Robinson family headed out to make a new life for themselves in space. However, they’re thrown light-years off course and must work together to survive. John Robinson (Toby Stephens) and Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) lead the family, which is completed by three kids, Judy, Penny and Will (Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins respectively).

Joining them are two outsiders – Dr Smith (Parker Posey) and Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) – who are probably up to no good.

While this is the first look at Netflix’s reimagining of the classic 1960’s science fiction series here on Earth, Lost in Space has already been made available for viewing in space. Netflix provided NASA with access to the pilot episode, which was transmitted 12 days ago to the International Space Station for astronauts to view during their leisure time. We have had no reports of any astronauts getting lost in space after that, which I guess bodes well.

I have to admit I’m pretty excited. Sure, there’s no Lacey Chabert, but hopefully this honours the original, and yet gets lost in new areas of space. We’ll see!

Lost In Space premieres April 13.


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