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Game Of Thrones’ Isaac Hempstead-Wright thinks it’ll be nice to film scenes in Singapore

While some of us have already caught Game Of Thrones this morning in Singapore, many of us (like me) are keeping our eyes away from social media just to stay spoiler-free till we get home tonight. Well, to whet your appetite, HBO Asia have just released some interview clips from the Game Of Thrones July 12 blue carpet, where Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Sophie Turner and Liam Cunningham spoke to HBO Asia in an “Asia exclusive”!

You can check out Isaac’s above where he talks about his time in Singapore. Below you have Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) talking about all kinds of serious stuff like romance with Littlefinger …

And Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) talking about monsters, and his wonderful time in Bangkok.

HBO Asia also provided transcripts of interviews with a few other stars – check it out!

John Bradley (Samwell Tarly)

Q: John’s settled in the Citadel but it can’t last can it?

Bradley: Well this is the problem: Sam thought that they were going to welcome him into the fold. What he finds is that he’s just as much of an outsider there as he ever was. He is forced to do menial jobs, and he doesn’t really have access to books other than labelling them. And that’s cruel in a way: it’s not like he wanted to go to the Citadel for an easy life; he just knows that that’s where he’s going to fight the war most effectively. So, to get there and find that the Maesters at the Citadel just spend their day arguing about tiny points is hard on him. Sam finds that his real passion for knowledge as a tool for the greater good is just as ridiculed there as it was in Castle Black.

Q: Who is Jim Broadbent’s character and how do they interact?

Bradley: Jim Broadbent’s character is the Archmaester Ebros. Sam’s basically his steward, so Sam does all the menial tasks, cleaning out chamber pots and stacking books. Sam didn’t anticipate all this; he thought he’d be learning straight away, he didn’t think that his life would be just as physically gruelling as it always was for him. Ebros is the person that you imagine is going to put the paternal arm around Sam. But it turns out, especially in the early stages, that Ebros is just as concerned with the rules and regulations and red tape as anybody else.

Q: How has this season been to film?

Bradley: One thing I felt about this season was that you can sense it coming to a head in other areas. We work on two units all the time, and you’d see that on the other unit there were 400 extras, and there were 200 stunt men, so you sense that big stuff was happening and big set pieces were being filmed. For myself I’ve felt more isolated than I’ve ever felt before, as most of my filming was on my own! But I did get to work with Jim Broadbent…

Q: And how was that?

Bradley: I believe that Jim is the only Oscar winner we’ve ever had on the show I think, so it’s an amazing privilege that actors of that calibre are taking on Game of Thrones. I’ve been impressed by people before, but I’ve never been too intimidated by anybody I’ve worked with – and then Jim just opens his mouth and he’s immaculate. It was a privilege.

Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy)

Q: How does Euron begin season seven?

Asbaek: We’re going to meet Euron entering Westeros because he knows that his niece and nephew [Yara and Theon] are going to join up with the Dragon Mother. He has to find an ally because he has no power but he has the biggest fleet in the world. He needs support from Cersei and he’s gonna get it.

Q: How?

Asbaek: I’m often asked, is Euron going to be the character we love to hate? But the thing is my job is to actually present the character that’s been written as he is. He’s a fearless psycho pirate, there’s no denying that; but it’s my job, in the scenes where it’s possible, to make him charming and seductive and interesting. He’s not just evil. He’s evil with a little smile. When he meets Cersei for the first time in the throne room he’s a charmer. There’s this wonderful line where he says, “Ever since I was a boy I always wanted to grow up and marry the most beautiful woman in the world, so here I am with a thousand ships.” Then I look at Jaime Lannister and say, “And two good hands.”

Q: How does Jaime take that?

Asbaek: He’s not pleased! There’s this new contender who thinks he’s it. Maybe Cersei isn’t interested in him as a person but surely she’s interested in his fleet. She can see that he is a key player.

Q: What was it like working with Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau]?

PA: It was wonderful. We have some scenes together and we’re both Danish. He and I did a TV show in Denmark when I’d just graduated school in 2008 or ’09 about this terrorist group in Denmark in the ’80s. I think David and Dan thought it would be funny pitting two Danes against each other.

Rory McCann
(Sandor Clegane, ‘The Hound’)

Q: How has the Hound become aware of the threat that’s coming South?

McCann: Well it’s a bizarre one where he’s actually invited by the priest Thoros, played by Paul Kaye, to come and look in to the fire. And as everyone knows he’s mortally afraid of fire! I mean I remember there’s one line going “Trust my luck to end up with a bunch of fire worshippers.” But I do look in the end and I end up seeing a vision in the fire – I see the future and I see what maybe Thoros has been seeing. He sees what’s gonna happen – he’s actually in an old place where in the corner is the skeleton of a father and a child and he’s bloody responsible for them really. That’s when he decides to try and help.


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