Chuck S3E02: Chuck vs the Three Words

And we’re right back into the next episode of Chuck. I question the need to do this, if we’d just had regular scheduling for Chuck (and no Jay Leno show) would we be having this situation? I mean, Chuck pretty much can stand on its own without having to draw ratings by showing 2 episodes back to back. Does it even boost ratings?

If ratings were ever a worry, all Chuck really needs is an episode just like this. With Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Carina (Mini Anden) featured together in a scene, doing what drives the blood pressure, if not the ratings, higher. And that picture is the tamer part of the scene. There’s even a strange short of tension in that scene that’s really palpable, and I can’t even begin to describe it. I’m not implying that every viewer of Chuck is just there for T&A, for its definitely not the case, but scenes like the one featured here definitely don’t do any damage to the show, especially at the amount doled out (just barely enough) and the quality involved (need I say more?)

Yep, I’ll say more. Carina’s back to haunt Morgan’s dreams once again, except this time Vinnie Jones is there to be the spanner in the works. It still cracks me up to see Vinnie Jones, ex football hardman on screen (here’s him on the left crushing Paul Gascoigne where it really hurts), be it in a Guy Ritchie movie, and it nice to know he’s still doing a pretty good job of it – even if his roles are always pretty much the same. I mean, you can’t quite cast him as the sensitive new age guy, but he almost does become one here, and it works.

But in the end all that is just window dressing for the main point of the this episode, Chuck’s Three Words, and “Spies don’t fall in love”. We’ve heard this refrain before, as a means of Sarah distancing herself from Chuck, and this time Carina carries it out with ruthless efficiency, even crushing poor Karl into a whimpering little “Smooshie”. But we continue to learn how much Chuck and Sarah feel for each other, and… how much more can Sarah take?

Another good episode here, nudging the story a little forward, nice Buymore asides that didn’t seem to be there just for the sake of being there, and well, great scenes, really. Not much else to ask for, once again. I wonder how frustrating it’ll get if they keep getting close but not, but hey, it’s already worked for 2 seasons.

Best Moment: Casey’s extremely long speech (if we ignore the above scene). Or Morgan getting some! Man. Just like living in paradise indeed.

Saddest Scene: More like touching really – we learn why Chuck let Sarah down. It makes sense, but we wish it weren’t so.

Weirdest Scene: Does Chuck know how to use an iPhone?

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