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A True-ly merry Christmas from @HBOAsia

We got a huge urgent buzz over the intarwebs – could we have your address? NOW!! Well, It wasn’t as hurried as that, but basically once we got our address out we weren’t quite sure what was in store for us.

Then the very next day, this very bag, stuffed full of Christmas love, arrived.

What could be inside?

Yep, laid out here was everything a True HBO fan would love! First up, a huge paster featuring the cast of True Blood – sorry, for the poster was still fresh and hence very curly. Suffice to say it was pretty!

Next: perhaps the gift with the nicest touch – a bottle of O positive Tru Blood. How’d they know that’s the exact blood type I’d need? They must have sniffed it during the Game Of Thrones launch. As Pete has previously mentioned – this bottle was for sale at the Warners lot when we were there, but being too poor, we had to subsist of each other’s blood instead.

But my favourite of them all: The HBO Calendar, with each month featuring a great show by them, such as Bored To Death and Band Of Brothers.

And they didn’t miss out my most loved HBO show ever: Six Feet Under. Man. Just seeing this page had me beaming.

Also, in between the pictures for each show and the daily calendar – you could tear it open and find quotes from each show. Guess which show this is from?

Yep guys! Christmas Is Coming! Have a great one! And many, many thanks to Tiqah and the crew at HBO Asia for the most lovely Christmas gift. Did you know that HBO and HBG has only a single letter difference? I sense advertising possibilities!

Merry Christmas once again guys – spread the joy and the love. Maybe yours will be as crimson as ours!


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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