LEGO Voltron: Defender of The Universe lands in Singapore Aug 1

The long-awaited Lego version of Voltron: Defender of the Universe is officially headed to Singapore on Aug 1, same as the rest of the world! And for the launch, Lego is bringing down Filipino designer Leandro “Lendy” Tayag for an autograph signing session at NEX on Aug 4. 

Voltron should be no stranger to most of you, especially with the recent Netflix reboot (that hit Singapore screens a little late). This Lego version of the giant mecha features posable black, blue, yellow, red and green lions with specially designed extra-strong joints to combine them and create Voltron. It also comes with Voltron’s Blazing Sword and shield, and the whole thing is huge – it measures over 15″ tall and 8″ wide, and is made out of 2,321 pieces.

Lego Idea brought to life

Designer Lendy is from the Philippines, and currently lives in Malaysia where he works as a software engineer. He said he has a passion for both giant robots and Lego building, and he’s been a long-time fan of Voltron, which gave him the motivation to design the set on Lego Ideas. Landy’s design needed 10,000 votes for it to even be considered for production, and I think we’re all thankful he made it.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Super Robots from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” said Lendy. “My parents bought a Voltron toy for me when I was a child, and I have been hooked on it ever since. It was a dream come true to have it approved for release as an official LEGO Ideas set! It came as a great birthday present for my wife and son.”

And now you’ll get a one-time-only meet-and-greet and autograph session with Lendy on Aug 4 at the Lego Certified Store in NEX Shopping Mall from 10.30am to 3pm. The signing event is only open to those who purchase a Voltron set at Lego Certified Stores at NEX, Compass One and Jurong Point, and you can buy up to two boxes at a go.

The Lego Ideas Voltron set will go on sale from Aug 1 at S$299 at all Lego Certified Stores and online at and


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