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Workshop Wednesday: Ork Dakkajet Part 2 (Paint)

Carrying on from last week’s post, now it’s time to paint up the Ork Dakkajet!

Here it is with the base colour blocking done. I airbrushed the blues, yellows, browns and silver metallics. There’s not much else that I can airbrush, because the rest is detail work. To be honest the only reason why I could airbrush so much to begin with was because I kept most of the parts separate (so that I could modify my dakkajet if I still wanted, as well as for transportation). More under the cut.

Here it is with the rest of the colours like the bronze metallics basecoated.

And here it is with all the shading done, and me starting on the weathering.

I used oils for the grime and dirt streaks on the plane. Incidentally, my fiancee looked at the streaks and promptly said ‘You’re doing it wrong.’ Apparently streaks are supposed to go BACK, not forward. Well, I couldn’t fix the wings but that will be something I bear in mind for the rest of the plane.

Here it is with the oil washes done, as well as the the oil streaking.

And here are some close up shots.

Glar moldline. :((((

Time to fill up the puddles…

And it’s done! What do you think?


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