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Workshop Wednesday: Ork Dakkajet Part 1 (the Base)

Welcome to another week of Workshop Wednesday! Some of you may have seen my Dakkajet before, and here’s how I modified it. To be honest though, one of the things I’m proudest of was the base, so I’ll be addressing how I made it in my first post.

At first, I just wanted to just pose the Dakkajet in a slant, and so I just cut the stand at a side, then epoxy puttied it to make sure the slant was sturdy.

Then I realised that it looked really silly. :< Then my INNER ORK TOOK OVER. FREE STYLE ORK MEK DIORAMA BUILDING FTW.

I took the next 30 minutes looking for a suitably good way to hide the mess I made, and finally settled on a used up spray paint cover, which I realized made a good vat/tank.

I then built up the base with more greenstuff, and armor plated the tank up with cardboard and some rivets, as well as ork bits.

Added a grot!

And then built up the rest of the base. A lot of the bits were cut off parts from other 40k kitbashes, or random techy bits that I stole from prepainted mini lines.

After that I airbrushed the silver and brown for the base and metals, and hand painted the rest. Voila! Diorama-ey base! The puddles will be filled in with resin once I finish painting the rest of the model and varnish. Tune in next week for the Dakkajet itself!


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