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Workshop Wednesday: Kitbashing Killa Kans Pt 2 (Now with Grotzookas!)

You can see how the Killa Kans all turned out…

But let’s rewind time a little bit to talk about Grotzookas. While I was working on the Sentikans, I realised that I’d have to build me some Grotzookas. GW never gives you everything you need to make all the stuff you want. D:< But taking a page out of The Warforge’s Killa Kans, I decided to make my own from the flamethrower in the Killa Kan Kit.

First I just cut off the flamer.

Then fashioned a barrel out of some different sized pipes.

Then some plasticard for a hopper…

Detailing ofthe hopper and throw in some scraps and you’re done! You can pretty easily double the Grotzookas in each Killa Kan box like this.

As to what how I went from one Grotzooka to a full Kitbashed Killa Kan Skwadron… suffice to say I went apeshit crazy and finished the 3 Sentikans. Magnetized, poseable, and with CCWs and Grotzookas. Enjoy!


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