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Workshop Wednesday: Journeyman League Entry 2

A few more days till our inaugural Journeyman League tournament, and we’ve got even more factions catching up to the two dragons in terms of paintedness. First up, Wil’s been pretty darn active with more painted models for his factions, this time Dhunia’s very own trolls.

Thankfully (for me and the motherland) Alvin also makes a showing with his bombardiers!

Jon’s still going strong with more painted entries for Everblight. I’m amazed at how quickly he’s getting these churned out…

And last (but most definitely not least) Shermin’s got his Nihilators painted up as well. Looks like every Skorne player has a unit of these nowadays…

Looks like quite a few people have gotten their minis in and the fight for the most painted patch is going to be hotly contested! We’re currently at:

Wil: 13 points
Jon: 8 points
Alvin: 4 points
Elliot: 4 points
Shermin: 4 points

If you’re interested in seeing what they other players have gotten painted up why don’t you try checking out week one? And come down this Sunday for our Journeyman tournament!


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