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Workshop Wednesday: ‘Grey Knight’ Rhino/Razorback

Dredged up from something I did… last year, I think? Just some playing around with airbrushing and masking. This is for the Brotherhood of Steel, a Space Marine counterpart to the Bruvverhood of Steal Orks that never really came to pass. (On the other hand, I have a LOT of Orks on the blog here, just search for them and they’ll pop up). Turns out that the scheme I went with bears a remarkable resemblance to the Grey Knights.

More pics under the cut.

I had a pretty ambitious plan of painting BOTH the inside and the outside, and modularizing everything so that it would be able to perform all functions of both a Razorback and a Rhino, which means it required a lot of planning and prep.

For example, priming AND painting all the parts in sub-assemblies before assembling it fully. This is something that I wasn’t used to doing for tanks. It was kind of counter intuitive to paint something that would almost never be seen, but hey if you want to go all the way…

Here’s me masking off the red bits.

And finishing the basecoat and highlights for the grey. I also ended up spray painting the hazard stripes on top (involving more masking tape), and here’s the final product. How crazy was I? It even comes with magnetized and removable door ramps.

How do you like this piece? I am not sure if I’ll do anything as intensive as this ever again, but I’d still love to hear your comments!


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