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This is my BOOMSTICK!

Saw this little treasure on PP’s insider articles, and I’m sure I’ll talk about Captain Gunnbjorn during my weekly roundup, but DAMN if I have to kneejerk about it now.

I am MENTALLY WILLING his sculpt to be AWESOME, because if he looks anything like his art, and if his fluff is anything like I think it is…. he will be craaaaaazy. I’m imagining a cross between Durgen and Kara, with a bit of Siege thrown in. Martial and shooty, which just a bit of instability that made him wash out of the service.

I’m hoping an AOE 3… with ROF2. Range would probably be 8 or 10… hopefully a decent RAT of maybe 6 or 7. Pow 14 magical attacks? I would love to have a magical ranged attack that wasn’t on Grim. As to his melee attacks, I bet it won’t be anything spectacular, but I think that is too be expected.

I wonder what his spells will be. Maybe he’ll loot eIrusk’s Artifice of Deviation, or Siege’s foxhole. I would love something like that.

I literally can’t wait.


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