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The ever-electrifyin’ Stormwall

I’ve totally been remiss with Warmachine lately, but I hope you will forgive me in the storm and chaos of what is my real life. The end of term workload at school coupled with the insanity of hosting a tourney in Sporecon (but it was an AWESOME tourney! I hope to get you pictures sometime soon, but until then, I need to talk about something that I’ve been reallllly thinking of getting for a long time.

The Stormwall.

I’ve been thinking of starting a Cygnar army for the longest time. Yes, the Motherland is my true love, but I have to admit, the tech and lightning that the good old boys in blue can throw around are very exciting. And the new nemo (with sassy redheaded sidekick!) doesn’t help matters either. I got myself the startings of a 35-pt army and the Stormwall seems to be next in line in terms of purchases.

I mean, if you just looked at the cards it doesn’t seem that amazing, but I think the secret lies in the lightning pods. Yes, they’re only DEF 5 and ARM 13 and 1hp, but you can throw one out a turn (just like halfjacks). And not only can the stormwall auto hit anything in line with the lightning pod and it with a pow 10 (which means a lot of winterguard and kayazy are going to be eating it), but it also COUNTS AS A STORMSMITH FOR TRIANGULATION. I always loved stormsmiths, and thought we should have more reason to run them, and this is it.

The Conquest is great and all, but 5 AOEs won’t mean diddly squat if it doesn’t deviate over something good, and at least you can PLACE the lightning pod to maximum effect (at least for one turn). I don’t know about you, but I think in this round, Blue beats Red.


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