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Tabletop Thursday: Lee and Clementine

I don’t know if you noticed something last week, when we were talking about GameStart 2017. Tabletop Thursday? What’s that?

If you’ve been with us long (and I mean REALLY long), you’ll notice we used to have Workshop Wednesdays, where I talk about the stuff I’ve been painting or converting, and maybe some WIPs. That started to slow more and more once I moved to my new job and finally came to a stop at the start of 2015. Work was too much.

That’s not to say I stopped painting and modelling. Granted, I’ve been doing a lot less (especially during 2015-2016), but I was still doing stuff here and there, just not enough to try to record on a regular basis. And there’s something that I’ve been doing since late 2015 but didn’t want to show because it wasn’t complete until recently.

But doncha know, the Ork Mekboy krazies have still been simmering, and they really started bubbling recently when I got a REAL NICE place to do my work in. (The humie psychologists call it #flow) And so I figured it would be time to start making painting and modelling a regular thing again. 

And here it is, Tabletop Thursday.

Now, we won’t just be doing painting and conversions on Tabletop Thursday. We might do 40k, other miniature games, maybe even board and card games! And our tabletop posts will also populate all the other days as well. Melvin does great work with his Magic posts (I don’t dare to start, I’m too habit-forming/have too much of an obsessive personality), and we will definitely add other card and board game (maybe even RPG) reviews throughout the week when they come along.

I just wanted to make sure that you guys know that if you ever need a bit of a tabletop fix you know where to go (and when to go). I will have a LOT of painting and conversions to show you in the next few weeks and months, so definitely stay tuned!

As of now, here’s just a short post of what I’ve completed only recently. We talked about Walking Dead: All out War recently, and I got Lee and Clementine, the con exclusive from Blitz and Pieces during STGCC 2017, and you can bet I painted them the first chance I got!

I am a big fan of the Walking Dead Telltale series (just search for all the Walking Dead Game Reviews), so while I have issues with the TV series (the comics are good, just too dark for me), Lee and Clementine and the games are and will always be my favourite. If I ever start an All Out War party, it’s going to hew as close to the games as possible, Which means no comic/tv series characters. Right now, that means Lee and Clem (and Glenn eventually I guess). 

I did a lot of research and really tried to get as close to the game colours as possible. This meant a CRAPLOAD of mixing paints since I didn’t buy any pink for Clem’s shirt and bag. Thank goodness I love mixing paints; it was a lot of great colour theory practice and definitely something I don’t do enough of.

I didn’t get any in progress shots in because I was too caught up with the painting (I notice I take conversion in progress pics more than painting in progress pics), but hopefully the subsequent Tabletop Thursday posts will have more of those.

So if you want more pretty pictures, stay tuned for more Tabletop Thursdays!

PS: Please ignore the fact that somehow Lee and Clementine have found themselves on an Adeptus Mechanicus world. It was just conveniently placed terrain (and maybe a teaser? whooooo knowwwwwwssss????)


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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