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Tabletop Thursday: Dark Mechanicus Dragoon

This was one of the models that inspired me in my Dark Mechanicus. When I saw the Sydonian Dragoon and the Dark Eldar talos, I had a weird feeling they would fit together. So I bought both kits to see what would happen.

Turns out they fit together almost perfectly. The torso and hips of the Talos is the same size as the legs of the Dragoon, and only a bit of pinning and greenstuff was needed at the hip joints. In another fortuitous turn of events the Dark Eldar arm plates were the same size as the Dragoon’s legs, which meant I would be using them as leg armour instead.

Over here you can see was trying to make the Dark Eldar, Mechanicus and Imperium bits meld together as seamlessly as possible. To make sure it looked as Blanchitsu as possible, I ended up using random vials and bits from every bits box I could raid. I even changed the feet, which ended up being from the chaos forgefiend instead. Somewhere in between me starting and finishing I lost the Sydonian dragoon legs and had to make do. Looks a bit creepier this way too.

Paint was my usual. Airbrush the white (Cryx Bane Highlight to Menoth White Highlight), hand paint the metals and the other colours. I tried to keep the flesh as pallid as possible, with the exception of the joints, where they would be as purplish and bruised as possible. The GW carroburg crimson wash would be really useful here.

As you can see, I armed him with both a blade and autocannons so I could field him as either a Sydonian Dragoon or Balistarii.

One thing that annoys me is because of how tall and gangly it is, the Dark Mech Dragoon doesn’t photograph well. I end up getting the perspectives all mushed up. I’ve done the best I can here… hopefully you can appreciate a conversion that I’m really proud of.


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