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Tabletop Thursday: Dark Mechanicus and C’Tan Part 2

With the conversion of the Transcendent C’Tan featured last week, this week’s paint will be a lot quicker. Not a lot of pictures, unfortunately.

The airbrush was a really fun experiment in colors. I’ve mentioned before what a fan I am of P3 paints, and the C’tan really proved it. It was a series of gradations from White to P3’s arcane blue to P3’s coal black at the tips, although I actually did some half mixes as well (I did a white/arcane blue mix, as well as an arcane blue/coal black mix), just to ensure the transitions were much more gradual. I guess if I had a better skill with the airbrush I wouldn’t have needed the half-steps, but better safe than sorry, you know?

This was REALLY fun. The base was just painted silver, because it was going to go onto terrain which was going to be painted metal as well. However, the flat steel was way too boring, so I busied up the base with a lot more texture. I love grunging stuff up with washes. I used splatters of red ink, agrax earthshade, brown and black ink, as well as lots of mixes of the shades mentioned. The scarabs were painted off-white and steel to thematically link with my dark mechanicus.

Here the skitarii trooper is painted up, and the C’tan pinned and greenstuffed onto his chest.

And the final product with the rest of the diorama!


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