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Tabletop Thursday: Battlewagon Kitbash Part 2

I’m following up on last week’s post where I converted a battlewagon. This week’s one will mainly be laying down the airbrush colours. Blue, yellow and white. Which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Here’s some of the other parts that I didn’t show last week. Mainly the orks who will be appearing all around the wagon.

My first set of colours was the yellow, with the darkest colors a transition from P3 Umbral Umber, VGC Beasty Brown, P3 Moldy Ochre and finally a bit of Warcolors Yellow 2.

For the white, I used a mix of Warcolors Ochre 5 and P3 Umbral Umber, transitioning to Ochre 5, straight Ochre 5 and lastly Warcolours Ochre 5 and Yellow 1. You can see me masking up bits to prevent overspray. I’m not 100% sold on the yellow. I’m not sure if I should be using the yellow-brown (beasty brown and umbral umber) or a more orange colour as the base.

Recently, my wife got a pretty automatic paper cutter, and I realized that you could also cut vinyl stencils with it! That’s what you can see at the bottom. I started experimenting with a very simple hazard stripe mask.

And voila! There was a bit of a mess, but honestly that’s no problem with orks.

Further masking, and it’s time to lay down the blue. Blue was even easier. It’s my favourite recipe for blue. P3 Exile Blue, P3 Cygnar Blue Base, P3 Cygnar Blue highlight. Between those three colours and the colour modulation, I got a great transition from super dark desaturated blue up to really popping bright blue.

Here it is half done, and…


Here it is completed. To be honest when I finished my blue I was a bit afraid that it was going to be waaay too blue. It’s just one colour right now!

Thankfully, I think my fears were unfounded. Once the masking tape was off there was a decent amount of colour to break up all the blue. The sides are still a bit too mono-chromatic for my tastes, but I’m sure that issue will be fixed once I lay down the metals, weathering and grunge.

As you can see, some overspray I’ll have to fix, but generally, the front of the battlewagon came out a lot nicer than I expected! The scratches you currently see are totally from the model only. It’s a lot of scratches to paint up but I expect it to be pretty darn nice at the end.

Next week: Metals.


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