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Tabletop Thursday: Armies on Parade Terrain Board (Part 4)

First up: Some reminders of where you can go if you want to see my previous stuff.

Parts 1 and 2 of my terrain board, and part 3 where I concentrated on building the Dark Mechanicus Scavenged Necron Summoning core. This week’s update will be pretty light on the text since most of the conversion works are done, it’s just the painting and detailing that I needed to finish up.

On the plus side, look at all the pretty pictures!

Last week, only the base colours (silver, white and black) had been blocked/airbrushed in. Here you can see the additional metals being drybrushed in, as well as the details on the promethium skull.

You can see the amount of detail over here. I actually wanted to make it look like the summoning core could be accessed, which is why there’s actually ladders and lifts installed into the terrain structure. I’m also happy with the level of detail seen all around this piece of terrain. For example the panel being taken from a rhino interior.

By the way, the clean lines of the necron summoning core is because I built each side from two different layers of foamcore. And the perfect circle in the middle is a 40mm base. Pretty proud of that idea, I couldn’t carve out a perfect circle to save my life.

Another shot of the other side of the piece of terrain. That’s the elevator on the side of the summoning core I was talking about, made from… two Russ dozer blade attachments and… something else.

I can’t remember everything in my bits box, lol.

And here’s the finalized piece. Hope you guys like it!


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