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Shattered Grounds: Nightfall Finale Event

Just last Sunday Paradigm Infinitum just witnessed some awesome Warmachine and Hordes battles in Singapore’s very own Shattered Grounds: Nightfall Finale! We had 8 (or 9) turnouts, a pretty good turnout if I do say so myself. We also had a good mix of people and factions, with newbies rubbing shoulders with grizzled war veterans. We had 3 tables up so that we would constantly have people on the tables and letting some other attackers rest for a while, with the hope of the games getting some spectators and the like.

But enough of that, on to the pictures!

During the first game I was fighting Shannon, one of our store’s resident Skorne players. The problem with Trolls and Skorne is that we’re still relatively slow, especially when we play bricks. So this was us during the start of the 2nd turn, barely meeting in the middle.

Meanwhile, Wil’s Cryx and BK’s Circle were already proceeding to decide the fate of their board by the 2nd turn.

And Steven and Alvin’s Khador had… I’m not sure if it’s Civil War or training exercises, but I know that Strakhov was pretty pissed off the whole time. ;)

After the longest troll-skorne slugfight ever witnessed by western Immoren, the trolls then proceeded to have the quickest down game with Grim kind of stupidly exposing himself to the one other sniper that’s actually better than him; CK’s Kara Sloan. 5 minutes, game, set, match.

Steven’s Khador then proceeded to munch on Shannon’s Skorne, and the Butcher ultimately proved too be too frightening a monster for even Skorne’s Lord Assassing Morghoul to handle.

Meanwhilst, CK’s gunline proved to be a formidable opponent, with Kara Sloan earning the title of most feared sniper after successfully defending the thin blue line for 3 consecutive rounds. He eventually finally got unseated by Menoth with Patrick running the black horse that is Vindictus, where many shots (and like a bazillion sacrificed zealots) later, Kara was lain low by a doubleteaming seneschal.

Ck’s great play and finesse had however given him a comfortable enough win that at the end of the day he walked home with the Nightfall Champion Coin!

As usual, I’d like to thank all our great players who made the time to come out and throw down with everyone else in Singapore. Shattered Grounds was incredibly fun to run and play in, and these kinds of events are what makes my time as a Pressganger meaningful. If everyone is interested, I’ll be looking forward to running more events like the Shattered Grounds.

Until next time, keep tuning in to Herebegeeks and remember that Friday nights are Warmachine/Hordes nights in Paradigm Infinitum!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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