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Live! From Gencon! One big Privateer Press announcement at Gencon today was the progress of Whitemoon Studio’s Warmachine game. And let me tell you it looks pretty awesome.

The short trailer had us as Stryker in the battle for Riversmet, fighting off winterguard and climaxing at and a huge showdown with a juggernaut, and a cliffhanger of Sorscha staring down stryker just as the juggy drops down dead.

The game itself looks to be quick and relatively dirty, like batman arkham asylum (as referenced by the guys themselves). In it you control the caster, and give orders to the jacks and surrounding units, but if required can also jump to the jacks and control them manually. What’s cool is that after that the jack assumes that’s his order and will continue doing whatever you got it to do previously. 

The battlegroup rules seem to follow the tabletop game pretty well. Like the minis you will also get to choose the jacks for your battlegroup. Focus rules are also similar, but not exactly the same since everything is real time as opposed to turn based.

Other cool stuf include probably multiple playable factions (and multiple casters per faction), multiplayer online play option, and a paint scheme editor in the works.

But… Will mercs be in there? How about Hordes? We don’t know yet…

The game should be releasing on pc and console but Of course everything is still up in the air, with quite a bit more work to do, but honestly if this continues and everything it’s gonna be pretty amazing.

Feel free to ask questions and comments and we’ll try to find stuff out. Until then be sure to follow us for more gencon news!


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    1. Why yes there actually is! I was a bit too far away to get any good pictures but it looks as if the guys from iron agenda weren’t.


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