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How to Paint Super Dungeon Explore: Super 16 Bit Part 3 (Kobolds Redux)

I haven’t had a Workshop Wednesday in forever, have I? That’s what real life gets you, no chance to paint. 🙁 Thankfully, I’ve managed to catch a bit of a breather and do something that’s been on my back burner for a while: Super Dungeon Explore. These guys have been been with me since December and well I figure it’s about high time to finish as much as I can when I still have time.

So on to the second set of Kobold underlings.

Much like the first two batches, I did a mixed airbrush-normal painting method for these miniatures. The basic colours were blocked down and highlighted with an airbrush, and details picked out with paint. I tried to keep colours to a minimum, so that I wouldn’t need to worry about masking the models, as well as reducing the need to to multiple passes with the airbrush.

Generally the basic kobolds got a single pass in purple, while the Kobold Priest was in two main pieces so he got done up in green/white. Purple is the main colour theme of the kobolds, which is why I went with Purple for a good opposing colour, and white for a neutral contrast. Wouldn’t make sense to have my colours pull every which way after all.

But as you can see I liked to spend a lot of my time on the eyes and the jewels. It’s the little bits of detail that really rock a miniature, and I made sure that I got those right.

Here’s a before an after of my Kobold Priest. You can see how the details really helped.

Tune in next week, where I (hopefully) finish the rest of the Super Dungeon Explore enemies!


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