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How to Paint Super Dungeon Explore: Super 16 Bit Part 2 (Kobolds)

It’s the new year, and I apologise for taking SWTOR to the knee. >.>;; And while I’ll be continuing my SDE project, it’s probably going to be doing so at a reduced pace. There are some guys painted up over the past weeks though!

Like the previous set, I airbrushed the models first with their base colour (which would generally take about 50% of surface area), followed with highlights to establish shading. In this case, the armoured kobolds all got a dark grey pass, followed by a lighter grey highlight.

I wanted the kobolds’ skin to contrast the dragons’, so I went with a cool purple for their skin. For ease of painting, I kept all their metals as ‘NMM’, in this case grey for the swords, and painting in yellow-browns for the gold NMM in the sword hilts. Cloth was a basic khaki, highlighted with my favourite off-white ever, P3’s Menoth white highlight.

I did these in a relatively ‘assembly line’ pattern, keeping colour combinations an methods similar in both the Kobold Ironscale and Knucklehead minis (thats what all the armored dudes are called).

The Ironscales got some extra detailing on their shield. For more visual contrast, I went with a bone colour on their dragon insignia, while the field of the shield was a red with a purple shade to tie it visually into both the dragonlings as well as the rest of the kobolds. Their eyes were painted orange, because I figured that visual distinction from all the other colours were important. I also tried to give them the slit-pupils of reptiles (but I’m not sure if that can be seen here).

I painted all of their horns and teeth the same off white colour (bestial brown -> khemri brown -> khemri brown + bleached bone mix -> menoth white highlight), darklined in some of the armor plates that needed a bit more visual seperation and it was done! All in about a day of work. Hope youll all stay tuned for the next continuation of my Super Dungeon Explore!


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