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Ork Warboss

As mentioned earlier my Bruvverhood of Steal army has been a long time coming; I purchased the Orks about a year ago but never really did anything to completion until recently. My warboss was just like that.

He has been fully based and basecoated for like the past 6-8 months but it wasn’t only just that I got off my lazy ass and painted him. Unfortunately I don’t have any WIPs as I ended up more or less finishing him in one or two sittings, and thus forgot to take any in-progress shots.

As you can see, he’s also in the blue-and-yellow scheme that the rest of my orks are in, but I spent a lot more time on him. It’s only fitting for the leader of a WAAAGH to get a little more time, don’t you think? I also gave him a night scenic base, with him stomping on a ‘umie’s ‘ead. The broken off base says ‘101’, a throwback to one of the Vaults in…. Fallout…. 3 I believe?

There’s still a bit of shine on him due to the inks and washes; he hasn’t gotten hit with any varnish yet, and after that I’ll gloss up that barrel of water with some water effects.


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    1. All abt practice, I’m sure you can paint like that given time. =) Thanks for the comments!

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