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New Trollblood Shooting Unit?

Look what Privateer got in with Hordes Mk 2 round the bend, the cover art for the new Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods!

The second Forces of Hordes book to be released after Skorne, ,and just like all the other Mk2 books, the Trollbloods book will be bound with Andrea Uderzo’s wonderful art.

What’s REALLY interesting though is what we can find hidden in the side of the book; what looks to be an awesome new unit: Trollblood mini-gunners (or as they call it in the Iron Kingdoms, sluggers)! The trollblood forum is awash with speculation, are they a 6-10 type unit? Or a champions type unit? My guess is that they’re either a mini-unit (4-6 man, 1 hit point, much like the Widowmakers), or a WA for the scattergunners (allowing up to 3 of them in a unit of scattergunners at 1pt each).

Now don’t get me wrong; I’d love for them to be a 6-10 unit or a 5 man unit with hitpoints (much like the champions), but the likelihood of them most likely having rapid fire (1d3 shots per model), together with RNG 10, POW… 12? Means that they need to be reasonably small numbered and/or fragile. Can you imagine 10-30 shots of POW 12 coming your way from 1 unit? It’d be like the Trollblood’s very own infantry shredding deathstar unit. And maybe it’s the MK1 talking, but somehow I don’t think we’ll be THAT lucky.

But that’s what I think. What do you guys think this unit will bring to the table? And how will this affect the Trollblood’s paradigm?


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