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Minis Week in Review: More Wrath Stuff, Hordes Battle Engines and Eldar Killiness!

This week’s will be a quick run through of some of the Warmachine Wrath and Hordes Domination Sneaks from Privateer Press, as well as some Eldar (both vanilla and dark) previews from Games Workshop.

First up: The Circle of Orboros Battle Engine; Celestial Fulcrum!

Looks like I was right in my first guess, it’s some sort of stargate-y nexus-ey thing. Looking like a runic orrery, the Celestial Fulcrum seems like it’s going to be the lovechild of the death star and stargate, and well as I mentioned previously, more magic or mobility is right up Orboros’ alley.

Finally, the other shoe drops for the Retribution, with the full rules for the Arcantrik Force Generator being released. And I have to say that the rules we didn’t catch are probably the ones that will make Retribution players run out and flock to get two of them. Firstly, the rangebooster ability lets Retribution Myrmidons ALSO gain +2 to their range. Not only that, but the third attack type turns the Arcantrik Force Generator into the Commodore Cannon, giving the elves access to a ranged slam or knockdown effect. And at an RAT of 9 to boot. I can see at least 1 (and maybe 2) of these fielded in ranged Ret armies. Nothing like the good ‘ol drop and pop.

Staying with Wrath for a bit, we’ve got some blow ups of the Wrath Cover. First is a better shot of the Swan’s very own Paladin ‘Caster and Sword and Board Jack, Constance and Gallant. Gallant looks to be another upgrade kit, with head piece, head armour, book, sword and shield as the kit add-ons. Personally I’m guessing the filigree is just painted on. The other possibility is that Gallant is an ironclad variant that ISN’T a character kit, which means it’s a new metal model that Cygnar (and possibly Morrowan allies) can take multiples of. Whatever it is, a reach magical attack on a jack with a shield looks like it could be a relatively cheap beatstick.

Cryx on the other hand seems to have a lot more interesting things on that cover. First up is of course Lord Exhumator Scaverous, with chain scythe appropriately dialed to 11. Erebus (who we’re guessing is next to him) also looks like a reaper upgrade.

What’s interesting though are the other things on the cover. First up, a Leviathan alternate? This lends credence to the possibility that Gallant might be a metal model, since it looks like Cryx will have at least 1 non-character heavy warjack.

But if so… what ELSE is on the cover? Now this is an interesting blurry shot. It has the base silhouette of a leviathan chassis, but it doesn’t look anything like the leviathans we know. 4th warjack? Large based solo? Merely a leviathan with all its arms chopped off? We may only know when Wrath drops in May.

On to GW, we’ve got whiff of the next Dark Eldar releases, as well a giant new titan for the Eldar from Forgeworld. I’m sure that more savvy 40k players will know what the Dark Eldar releases are, but what’s gotten me interested is the Phantom Titan. It looks huge, really detailed and in keeping with the graceful death aesthetic that all Eldar have. And again, it looks HUGE, dwarfing the other titans out there.


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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