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Minis Week in Review: May 22nd

Quite a bit of bad news for the Privateer Press folks, with some delays this this week.

But first some of the good news! The PP newsletter brought us the stats of the Warpwolf Stalker and the concept art for Lord Carver. The Warpwolf is just crazy-ass alpha strike unleashed! An 11″ charge range? With a P+S 18 Reach weapon or a P+S 16 reach weapon with berserk? With SPRINT AS AN ANIMUS? Granted, at 17 armor if you can hit him he’s probably going to go down, but with such a high speed and defence you’re almost never going to get the charge on him, and at defence 14 hitting him is actually quite iffy. 10 pts for a model is expensive, but for his speed and offensive capability he’s well worth the points.

Continuing the Skorne-ucopia from last week, we have Skorne’s cover art revealed in PP’s insider. Xerxis is probably my favourite Skorne ‘lock, and it’s wonderful that PP has placed him as the focal point of the cover. I can’t wait to get it (either in Gencon or slightly later).

Lord Carver is also pretty cool. I was hoping for a barbarian pig with delusions of civility but our new Farrow Minion Warlock looks like a scavenger from a whole lotta cultures. His whole costume looks skorne/circle/trolls (with his shoulderpads looking particularly skorne/cryxy). And well, any Warcaster/Lock who follows the Cloud school of though (more Sword = moar powerzz!) is fine in my book.

Warmachine hasn’t been left out, with some of Macbain’s sneak stats from the very awesome Bell of Lost Souls:

Drake MacBain

Feat: True Grit
Choose a number of friendly non-warcaster Faction warrior models currently in MacBainʼs control area up to the number of focus points on him +5. When a chosen model is disabled, it heals 1 damage point and is knocked down. True Grit lasts for one round.
Mercenary – This model will work for Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, and the Protectorate.

Gang Fighter – When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in melee range of another friendly Faction warrior model, this model gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls.
Unyielding – While engaging an enemy model, this model gains +2 ARM.

I have to say, he definitely looks to be from the Bruce Willis/ Chuck Norris School of Action Heroes, with Unyielding and Gangfighter, and his feat turning (I’m guessing up to 11) into models in guys that JUST WON’T DIE. That’s always useful!

Unfortunately, the Forces of Warmachine Cryx Book is delayed, due to the books being stopped at customs. I’m not sure why (If i remember correctly this had happened once with one of the Monpoc books before), but maybe US customs are worried that we’ll try summoning our very own Bane Thralls or something. Similarly, Monsterpocalypse Series 5: Big in Japan is also delayed, but this is due to production and shipping issues over in China. I believe most of PP’s plastics are handled over there, and I suppose that it’s much better to have a delayed product than a shoddy product.

PP has also put up a contest that might win you anywhere from $50-$150 in minis. So… what are you guys waiting for? I filled it up immediately after I saw the news. Free stuff is always good after all.

On the GW side, we have their new catalog. I always like catalogs because they’re full of great options and ideas. I also like that everything in the catalog is all to the same scale now, so that you’ll be able to compare across miniatures, armies and models.

Another big announcement: Maybe it’s due to the new two-tailed comet hammer in WHFB’s 8th edition, but it looks like Chaos Daemons are returning! They’re slated to return in August. When are the rumoured Dark Eldar or or Grey Knights going make their appearance though? My guesstimate is sometime in September for the Dark Eldar and some time next year for Grey Knights. We do have some possible rumors on the Dark Eldar, from Blood of Kittens (via Bell of Lost Souls).

WHFB gets more love with the Orc and Goblins’ official release of the river trolls and Boar Boys. I think I’ve mentioned how awesome I think the River Trolls are, and the Boar Boys really are very kinetic and action-y as well. I suppose I might be biased, but I think these are heads and shoulders more awesome than the Minotaurs released a while back.

What really distracted me in GW this week though was the amazing work of Tommie Soule. He’s got GREAT Technique and a fantastic knowledge of colour theory. And his models are just a joy to behold.

Lastly, in this week’s random-caught-my-eye link of the week is again from Massive Voodoo. I think that they got some great backgrounds that you can choose from, and backgrounds are totally essential for proper minis photography. I think I’ll be printing some out myself once I get the opportunity!

Well, that’s it for this week’s week in review. Is there anything that you guys are jonesing to get? :)


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