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Minis Week in Review: April 24th

This week is slightly quieter, as Privateer Press and Games Workshop follow up from last week’s big book reveals. Primal Mk2 and Warhammer Fantasy 8th Ed will both hit the street in July, and I’m sure that means lighter wallets for everyone involved.

Privateer Press has followed up with their Primal Announcement with some additional Hordes details; chief amongst them is the list of official releases in July. There’s going to be a torrent of Hordes related stuff, but I think everyone will be looking forward to the card releases as well as the tokens. Almost everyone I know didn’t care for the tokens that Privateer Press previously produced (say that 5 times fast), but I’ve heard that this one will be a much higher production value, and I remain optimistic. The cards though… they just look awesome.

Privateer Press also has shown up concept art of the Legion’s Scythean warbeast (built off the Carnifex body) as well as the new Minion War Pig Warbeast! I really really REALLY hope the warpig can be marshalled or controlled by a lesser warlock or something, because the warpig looks super awesome, and my wallet would really hate me starting up a new army just to get a taste of that sweet, sweet frankenbacon mashup!

Monsterpocalypse hasn’t been sleeping either, with a huge number of previews on their mainpage, and the Voltron release round the corner.

Games Workshop also has a few things in the works. They’ve got an official announcement for 8th Ed over at their website, as well as some details on what will be contained in the new White Dwarf. I’ll have to say, that article on kitbashing orcs is mightly interesting, since GW is always great with kitbashing something together.

As two of my favourite artists, I also follow Alison and Mike Mcvey’s blog a lot, and I’m blown away by their latest model. All of their models are amazingly detailed and delicate, but I’m blown away by Ar-fienel’s otherworldly beauty, especially after Ali’s done with her. I hope one of these days I will be  able to purchase and do justice to a few of their models.


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