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Looted Space Marine Dread

Got distracted from my Warboss by the deffdread, but here’s some some in progress shots of my looted beakie dread. As the Bruvver’ood ov Steal I figger dat I shood be nicking stuff and throwing ’em togevver… and besides the reason why I got orks was to try bodging things together anyway, so why not give kitbashing a try? The kits I got the bits from were:

Ork Warbike
Imperial Guard Sentinel
Ork Deffdread
AOBR Dreadnought

I started with chopping off some armor from the leg to and putting a nice Orky faceplate on the beaky dread to break up the silhouette.

Then the stormbelter was much too weedy so on went a flamethrower. If you can see I actually chopped up and reversed the nozzle because originally it was built to attach onto the right side of a model and not the left.

And then some work on the exhaust. I used one of the exhaust bits from the deffdread sprue to lengthen one exchaust. You can’t see from here but I dremelled off the other one to turn into an arm extension for the 3rd close combat weapon.

And…. again getting a bit carried away with my crazy mek urges I didn’t take any WIPs. I’ve more or less finished the build, as you can see by replacing the right dreadnought weapon with a Deffdread buzzsaw (the deffdread sprue is just too frakkin awesome to not use), and then the 3rd combat weapon as like a lifta-grabba coming off the back. I also added some shoulder and leg armor to bulk the guy out. Lastly, I turned the space marine skull into a proppa orky one with the addition of some greenstuff (I need to work on my greenstuff skills). There’s also gonna be an iron gob on him but I couldn’t get it to stay on during the phototaking.

Next up: Painting!


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