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Looted Space Marine Dread Pt 2

Earlier this week I had finished modding my Deffdread from an AOBR Dreadnought, and I’ve been on a roll! I wanted to show him off fully painted next week, but I’m really happy with how it’s turning out and really wanted to show it off. With any luck I’ll be able to finish him by next week.

We start off with an undercoat of Krylon Black primer. It’s my Primer of choice for now; a good balance between a cheap but quite crappy more-like-spray-paint-than-primer primer, and the crazy expensive tamiya $10-bucks-for-a-tiny-can primers.

I worked on the base first, as I wanted a good base so I could affix the dreadnought and work from there. I drybrushed the ground with scorched brown, khemri brown, desert sand (VGC i think) and menoth white base (P3). The stones were drybrushed greym and for a bit of a variation in the base I threw in a green watertank and a metal base with some Ork vandalism.

Then some work on the metals and basecoats. I geenrally prefer to do metals first cos they’re the messiest. I painted it in tin bitz, drybrushed with brass, and then proceeded to dull it down with devlan mud and oxidized with… a mix of hawk turqouise and enchanted blue iirc.

Then continuing the blocking on of colours and basecoating…

And just because it’s fun, I started work on some detailing and weathering of the Deffdred’s ‘face’. I kept the face almost white as a focal point for the model, but ran a stripe of blue through the face plate in keeping with the deathskullz ‘blue facepaint’ look.

I weathered the blue stripe by stippling on some white (well Khaki if you want to be accurate), and then painting some edge highlights on the blue. Now that’s a well used dread!

Next up: Continuing the ‘Bruvverhood of Steal’ look by adding some yellow to the mix! If you have any questions regarding how I paint or what combination of colours I used please do ask!


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