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LOCK AND LOAD: Photodump and Spoilers

Lock and Load is upon us! And thankfully for us poor folk in other continents, we have people who are willing to spoiler and photograph things for us. Many thanks to KK, our guy across the pond who has kindly gotten quite a few awesome photos. Also, if you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out the PP forums, as well as Lost Hemisphere and a lot of other different sources for additional spoilers (which are below) which we’ve consolidated. And they have pictures too!

ENOUGH TALK! Matt wants to show us Hyperion!

Thats some serious battle damage on Hyperion, and at first I thought the cannons were arcnodes. Arcnodes, on a Colossal? Now THAT would have been crazy scary.

More minis as well. The extreme carnivean is…. extremely gribbly. It’s better than the extreme Warprat, but I’m not sure if I prefer this or the Titan. And the extreme troll still reigns supreme.

The son’s of bragg are also… incredibly… In your face. I suppose their extreme mohawks and yelly faces are representative of a son of Bragg, and trolls aren’t exactly masters of subtlety, lol. Still, that is an extremely nice paintjob right there.

Nemo and Kreoss 3, resplendent with their horses or attachments respectively. Lost Hemisphere also has a photo of what looks like Morvahna 2 on a mountain goat, so my guess is she’ll be a light cav.

And on to the spoilers that we’ve managed to finagle out… I won’t worry about the basic statlines because usually that isn’t what gets people really excited, ok? I will mention the odd outlier or two tho.


Lightning Strike, RNG CTRL, will ard d3 times, Pow 10. Non Magical (I was hoping, lol)
Tempest Accumulator, Reach, Disruption

Lightning Field, all electro-leap type things ignore models immune to electricity. Generally a good thing, but also can be a double edged sword.

All electrical damage rolls gain an ADDITIONAL die. Electroleap will kill many things.

Chain Lightning, Electrify, Lightning Shroud, Fail Safe, Force Hammer

Caitlyn (the Awesomest Attachment ever)

DEF 14, ARM 12, 5 HP. She’ll die to a stiff breeze. Which is sad because she is…

Arcane Assist
Arcantrik Tuning, when Nemo assigns focus to a jack, add 1 focus to that jack. (Cannot exceet 3 focus on that Jack)

You already know the stats. ;) Lightning Pods are Def 5 ARM 15 tho. And they’re stormsmiths.

I think Nemo is REALLY powerful. Mainly cos of Catelyn. I just hope she can survive being the target of EVERYONE.



Conviction (melee), Reach, Magical, Blessed, Brutal Charge
Also Cav attacks

Divine Inspiration, Signs and portents on himself
Elite Cadre, gives Divine Inspiration to Vengers
Imperishable Conviction

All enemy upkeep spells and animi are dispelled. Then Kreoss gets to cast all of his upkeeps for free!

Crevasse, Warpath, Force Hammer, Death Sentence, Ignite, Holy Ward


Def 8, Arm 19, SPD 4

2x Rockets, Redeemer Rockets that can generate a secondary blast via deviation
2x Sp8 Flamethrowers
2x Pow 20 Fists

Reliquary: 1 free focus

The Judicator doesn’t seem that amazing, but I shall reserve comment until I see it with all the unholy buffs available in Menoth. Also, Kreoss seems quite powerful. All of his spells (Sans offensive spells) are upkeeps, and he and vengers get S&P. Jealous.



Spear: Magical, Reach, Brutal Damage
Flail: Magical, Chain

Blood Quenched, Combat Rider, Relentless Charge

Friendly Faction Warjacks and Cav while in Vlad’s Control gain Sidestep and Sprint.

Dash, Flashing Blade, Infernal Machine, Hand Of Fate, Razor Wind, Wind Wall


Def 7, Arm 20, Spd 4, Str 18 whoo!

Main Guns, RNG 15, POW 15, AOE 4, Crit Devastation
Secondary Gunsx2, RNG 12, POW 12, AOE 3, Linked In (You can make a second gun shot at the thing you just shot)
Creeping Barrage, can lay down 4 AOE3 POW6 covering fire templates.
Fist: Pow 22

A bit underwhelmed by the Conquest. Pow 6 isn’t going to deny any of the high arm infantry, which happens to be all the high pow/weaponmaster types. All it’s going to to is kill Kayazy, Nyss and maybe get winterguard to tough. >.>;;


Gaspy 3

Daimonon: Reach, Magical Weapon, Blood Boon

When a model is forced, spends one or more focus/fury, or casts a spell, Aspyxious gains a soul token and heals d3.

Ashen Veil, Bone Shaker, Carnage, Hex Blast, Mobility, Scything Touch


Arc Node, Arcane Extension, Soul Collector, GHost Shield, Death Harvest (During Maintenance, if Vociferon is in Gaspy’s control radius you can move the soul tokens from Vociferon to Gaspy)


SPD 5, STR 15, DEF 10, ARM 19

Hellblaster, RNG 16, POW 14, AOE 4, Doom Driver (each corpse token gives it +1 to damage rolls)
Flayer, RNG 12, POW 12, Rapid Fire D3+1
2x Harvester, Chain Weapon, 4″ Reach

Collector, living Models killed generate a corpse token. These corpse tokens can be converted to focus at the start of your next control phase
Kill shot, once per activation when a living model is killed by a melee attack, make a free ranged attack
Meat fueled, corpse tokens give the Kraken +1 str

I think what makes the Kraken good is the possibility of an assassination strike via Kill Shot.


DEF 15 ARM 18. Whoa.

Extremus Cannon: RNG 10, POW 12, ROF 2, Magical Weapon!
Extremus, Magical Weapon, Reach.

Birds Eye, Inspiratin (Dawnguard), Quick Work

Tide Of War. Whenever a friendly faction model is killed by an enemy attack while in Vyros’ control area at any time except while advancing, after the attack is resolved, a friendly faction model can make a full advance.

Easy Rider, Deflection, Lock the Target, Synergy (!!!), Twister

(Has a Forcefield)

Starburst, RNG 10, POW 18, AOE 5, Crit Consume (RFP), Magical Weapon
2x Thresher Cannon, RNG 12, POW 12, Autofire (d3), I think that just means strafe (d3)
2x Blade Fist, POW 20

I don’t know enough about Retribution to comment, but Synergy on Vyros sounds broken.


Your normal Dwarf statline, MAT 7, Rat 6, Focus 6 (which is not bad)

Oathkeeper, Magical Weapon, Crit Decapitation

Martial Discipline

Friendly Rhulic Models gain +2 Armor, Friendly Rhulic Models/units activating in the control area gain +2 SPD and Pathfinder

Bullet Dodge, Fire For Effect, Energizer, Snipe, Stranglehold, Unstoppable Force (Models in the Battlgroup and Control Area gain Bulldoze. Not an upkeep)


SPD 5, DEF 9, ARM 19

2x Gun Port, RNG 14, AOE 3, POW 13, Rapid Fire (d3)
Harpoon Cannon, RNG 10, POW 15, Drag
Trident Strike, POW 21
Cargo Claw, POW 19

I like Ossrum’s feat. Allows dwarfs to at least contest scenarios, which makes them better. The AOEs on the Galleon sound real good too.

And that’s it for the spoilers! I’m… totally tuckered out right now. Hope you guys like the pictures and spoilers! And of course, we need to thank KK, Lost Hemisphere, the PP forums and everyone else who got us the spoilers and stuff!

And because we don’t say it enough… Thanks for the ninja shopping!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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    1. yep. it’s additional die on friendly electrical damage rolls. :)

      So iirc works on friendly mercs w electricity (if that exists)

        1. It should work. The feat is on electrical damage rolls, and electro leap is an electrical damage roll. Why is there contention?

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