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Lock and Load Day One: Classes, Gaming, and the Privateer Press Panel

More reports from HBG US Correspondent Kk!

The first day of Lock and Load has come and gone and yet I have two more days of convention to look forward to.

I managed to get in to a number of classes and seminars today from the waitlist taught by Privateer veterans such as studio painter Matt DiPietro, staff sculptor Brian Dugas, hobby manager Stuart Spengler, and lead writer Douglas Seacat. We’ve all seen evidence of how skilled the Privateer creative department is, but I was also pleasantly surprised at how well they all were able to handle informative classes/seminars.

I literally have dozens of pages of notes that I’ve jotted down, which I hope will be important tips for me on how to improve my hobby. I’ve taken pictures of a few pages of my notes, but I plan to type all of it up; I think a lot of people could have a lot to learn from these master artists.

The gaming area was extremely crowded, which meant it was never difficult to get a game in. On top of the Masters Qualifiers and other competitive tournaments, Iron Arena was also up and running. Iron Arena is a casual playing format, and from what I’ve seen, probably the most popular playing format. Playing any game rewards you with “Iron Arena Skulls” dependent on the game size, scenario table, etc.

You can cash in these Iron Arena Skulls at any time for exclusive prizes such as dice, tape measures, NEW Privateer Press acrylic templates, NEW Privateer Press handpainted terrain pieces, art prints, concept artwork prints, etc.

In the evening, the Privateer Press Staff held their annual question and answer panel. Here are a few consolidated spoilers by book/faction for future developments within PP:

Hordes Gargantuans:

Gargantuans will be a FULL book approximately the size of Wrath or Domination. Will not be a 2-3 entry book.

All Gargantuan (and Colossal) models (as in, the 120mm models, not all the models from the book) will be finished and released by the end of this year. Tight release schedule.

I do not remember the book’s release date but I will try to find out and get an update.

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Trollbloods: Grim Angus is a “Warlock Unit” with three “Bounty Hunting Buddies” (pygmies). You can even win some of their completed art in the iron arena.

Circle: Morvana is what appears to be a cavalry model, riding an elk.

Plastic Tharn unit kit.

Skorne: Makeda will be a “Warlock Unit” with two other ancestral guardian type models dual-wielding swords. It appears she has changed weapons into a single handed claymore-type weapon.

The Skorne Mammoth concept artwork is finally unveiled with a large titan with top-mounted cannons much like the Conquest.

Legion: Lylyth will be a BATTLE ENGINE CAVALRY Warlock. She will be riding a chariot pulled by the same type of animal in the Nyss Raptors.

This means that Lylyth will be the first, or among the first huge-based casters in the game. It is forseeable that we will see more huge casters in the future (Epic Karchev Colossal, anybody?) such as the way Kraye was the first cavalry warcaster or the way four large-based casters were released in Apotheosis.

Minions: Bog Trog Warlock and “Midas,” a bonegrinder farrow Warlock.

Undead Bog Trog unit.

EDIT: According to No Quarter online publication, the name of the Bog Trog is Rask, and the unit’s name is Swamp Shamble blog trog.

Warmachine 2013

All factions will have at least one cavalry book entries that fill the opposite “light-heavy” of the main faction unit.

Cygnar: Arcane Tempest Gunmage light cavalry unit.

Menoth: unspecified light cavalry models.

I personally suspect either Idrians or zealots.

Khador: Greylord light cavalry models. (Unspecified whether these would be solo or unit)

Iron Fang Kovnik model.

Cryx: Bane Knight Heavy cavalry

Retribution: infantry unit with Eiryss 3 as a character UA.

Mercenaries: Light cavalry models.


Tile-based board game. Matt Wilson is releasing a short film in the next few days. Level 7 will have demos at Lock and Load.

We have photo of an alien eye and hand staring through a cracked-open door.


A second dvd has been considered but not being made yet.


While we may see more developments in Monpoc in the future, at the present nothing is planned, unfortunately.

I’m very excited by what we’re hearing about Gargantuans. Just as Colossals featured more unusual and special warcasters (3 cavalry, 2 multi-model ,1 “normal” for mercs), Gargantuans will feature 2 cavalry (one battle engine) and 2 multi-model epic warlocks, and 2 possibly “normal” warlocks for minions.

The Warmachine 2013 releases feature a lot of cavalry, as I think that PP is attempting to round out and flesh out the factions a little bit more. Mechanically they complete the “light-heavy” duality and thematically they flesh out more of the sub-factions (gun mages, greylords, bane knights).

With the future on everyone’s mind, the staff panel switched over the Trivia Contest, where convention attendees had the chance to show their knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms history.

To enter the Trivia Contest, attendees needed to complete a preliminary quiz with about a dozen short questions. I’m hoping that I can post a copy of the preliminary quiz so that our readers at home can test themselves.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our coverage of Lock and Load 2012. Stay tuned for Day 2 news and updates!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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