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Khador Update: Painted Berserker, Mechanik UA and Conquest!

Yeah, it’s not really wednesday, but this week’s been quite busy for me. Instead of telling you what I’ve been doing, here’s some minis that I’ve painted over the past month or so. I’ve also got a conquest painted by Alvin to a decent Tabletop.

Essentially I’ve had a Berserker and Mechanik that have been sitting on my painting table half painted for the LONGEST time. The Berserker was another experiment in the salt weathering technique that I did a while back. This time though I wanted to see how quickly and easily I could paint a model and have it look good. Unfortunately I don’t have any WIP shots (I could’ve sworn I had them but apparently not) but it was really a relatively quick paintjob.

1) Airbrush metal
2) Mask off pure metal stuff, add salt for weathering
3) Airbrush dark red as basecoat, selectively airbrush bright red for highlights
4) Paint on gold metals
5) Liberal wash for further shadows
6) Further wash for rust and copper patina, some weathering and blood spatters and details.

I don’t recall how long the airbrushing took me (proabbly 1-2 hours including salt weathering and masking), but steps 4-6 probably took me 2-3 hours, and all in all a 3-5 hour job for a warjack is nigh unthinkable for a crazy nitpicker like me. And I think it still came out pretty darn good. I might have to do this more often.

The mechanik UA was airbrushed red a while back too, but I never got around to finishing up the details until recently. Nothing much else to say about it though. With colossals and stuff though I think we’ll be seeing more mechaniks and maybe even Man-o-Wars on the table more often.

Speaking of Colossals…

Alvin got this painted up a loong time ago. Literally like a week after we got in the minis (maybe about a month ago). He did a half-and-half method of magnetizing for ease of transport, glueing parts together into subassemblies and magnetizing/pinning the rest. IIRC, the legs and base are one section, the body one section, and the arms both magnetized and pinned to the sides. He ran into some trouble pinning (what with hollow resin pieces), and it’s still kind of annoying to carry around, but there you go.

And then paint! It’s primed army painter red, black and metals painted and then a liberal wash with… dip IIRC. I may not be able to bring myself to use his methods, but I have to admit they’re quick and effective.


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