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Khador Heavy Jack Plastic Kit: Part 1

Like any Warmachine fan, I got the plastic version of my Khador Jack a month or so back, and put the practice I got from modding Grind to good use in the form of a fully magnetized Khador Jack kit. The plan would be for this to sub in for all the 5 Juggernaut-Chassis Khador Jacks. Yes, even the Kodiak.

First up though was making sure I got all the pieces!

The plastic is definitely a much better quality than the Grind Jacks, being a lot more rigid and being relatively matte. The plastic is also not the usual plastic that we see in Games Workshop sprues, so bear in mind that plastic glue doesn’t work here. Just as well because I much prefer the speed and strength of superglue.

The plastics are very well detailed, and interestingly do not feature the 2-mold process that we’re used to seeing in our models. If you look hard, you might be able to notice two sets of mold lines running across the model piece; one going across the boiler and one going below. That means this mold runs off 3 or maybe even more pieces. It also came precut, presumably to save/recycle the plastic and to save on space within the box. Unfortunately, while some pieces had almost no mold lines, others (like this) had quite a bit. Good thing it’s all plastic, which means it was relatively easy to remove. The plastic is a bit more delicate than I’m used to though, since Privateer Press’ minis were all in plastic previously.

I then proceeded to drill out all the holes I needed. I used a 3/16 inch drill, but I recommend using a drill just a little bit larger than your magnets. Mine were the same size so I had to squeeze the magnets in; thank goodness the PP plastics are a bit malleable because if not I would have a lot more trouble.

You can see here how large my drill bit is. It fits in a pin vise but just barely. If you can get one that’s a smidge larger to fit in your pin vise that would probably be a bit more convenient down the road, but this bit worked for me.

As you can see here I mark all magnets on 1 side; that way I an easy reference point to how I should align my magnets.

I then use my blade to pick up a magnet…

And plop it into the hollowed out area. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the model. All in all I used 17 magnets to finish the model; 16 3/16″ magnets and 1 1/16″ magnet. I didn’t magnetize all the heads because I got lazy, and my favourite head is the destroyer anyway. However, I did magnetize the Jack’s head, on the off chance that I ever want to swap in the other heads. I will also be using the Juggernaut’s Ice Axe both as an Ice Axe as well as an Executioner Axe, because I cut off the Executioner axe to make a left open fist; this allows me to run the Jack as a Kodiak with two open fists.

After the magnetizing the models I then based and primed the model. I used both Krylon Black Primer (for the top) and Black Gesso (for the legs/base). No reason real reason why I did two different methods, I just wanted to see how the gesso would turn out.

And for those who would like to see how strong rare earth magnets are, I present the… FRANKENJACK.

Painting and final photos next week! In the meantime, hope you guys get to magnetizing your jacks! Tell me how it went, and if this helped you! =)



Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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  1. That’s some nasty mold line. I’m looking forward to what you make of these. The Decimator looks real neat. Hoping Khador could decom them to the black market and let the Merc have them 🙂

  2. I fixed most (but probabaly not all) of the mold lines. And why don’t you get one of this to do an alternate nomad? or alternate mule? I think that would be pretty awesome =)

  3. Now that you reminded me, could you let me know if the waist down portion of the plastic Khador jacks connect with the waist up portion of the Mangler?

    I’m looking to change out the Mangler’s tiny lower body…

  4. Not…. ex…actly? If I remember correctly the Magnus bottom half has a peg, but the khador bottom half is a ball to the plastic halve’s socket. I don’t see why you couldn’t pin it and have it fit though. Just need a little bit of converting.

  5. Just stumbled across this, nice guide.

    Picked up my plastic heavy kit and am looking to magnetize as well. Everything seems pretty straight forward except the ball joints on the arms. How did you approach this?

    The obvious would be to pick a spot on each and drill, but thought I would ask if you came up with a different idea for maintaining the ball joint action.


    1. Sorry about the delayed reply: that’s essentially what I did. I used the groove on the ball and socket as a method to align the magnets; essentially i drilled down where the groove ends on both the ball and the socket area.

      If you want to make doubly sure that the magnets line up what you do after drilling one hole is to put a bit of blue tack onthe opposite end, then fit the arm in how you like it posed. When you remove the arm from the socket the blue tack should mark where (and the angle) that you should drill.

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