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Gencon Swag: Dead Justice Unboxing

Continuing the Gencon Swag unboxing is some Malifaux stuff; specifically Wyrd Miniatures’ Dead Justice box set. It’s just a really quick unboxing this time though folks, I’m gonna head back to painting after this… 😉

First up, it’s cute to see that it’s got a two-toned box (green and red) to denote that it can be used both as a guild as well as a ressurectionist set.

Inside, they’ve also got two sets of cards; the traditional set for Lady Justice (with Nightmare edition art) as well as the Ressurectionists’ set of cards. I don’t think those are playable as a box set, but I’m not exactly an expert on Malifaux right now so if any of you guys have any idea just drop me a line or comment.

The models are surprisingly pleasant to assemble, in that they need almost no assembly. Just the sword that needs pinning on Judge/Punk Zombie. The moldlines and flash are pretty predominant though, so get ready to spend a lot of your time filing!

That’s it for this short (and probably last) Gencon Swag post. Wish I had more 🙁


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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  1. I’m definitely lovin’ these new sculpts for the Death Marshals. Not so much on Judge and Justice though. Looking forward to that sexy alternate Lady J coming out soon. 🙂

  2. Yeah. I’m going Guild with Lady J. Gonna paint them up while I’m busy with school shit. I’ll get the rule manual and puppet deck around December.

    These are much much less tedious than WM/H to paint up. Low model count.

    1. then be glad you’re not playing 40k or WHFB, lol. TBH, while the low model count appeals to me, I still haven’t gotten the hang of the whole card flipping and cheating thing. Still prefer the world of Warmachine. 😉

      If you’d like, Malifaux nights are also friday nights, together w/ WM.

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