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Gencon Exclusives~! (Oh and Greylords and Kossites…)

Why must Privateer Press always give us awesome minis to paint!! They haven’t done a Gencon exclusive mini since the Trollkin Kiltlifter (which I still need to get painted), but this year we’ve been visited with double the awesome, and double the boobage.

Last year’s Gencon Ram Bombshell Brown Tshirt design was pretty cool (and I was lucky enough to get one), and I think this year’s one is just as nice. The Druid Gone Wilder mini is in the same pinup kind of theme that the Ram’s been using recently, but I liked that they tweaked the art style a little such that it’s more of an Art Deco feel to it. And well even better they’ve got minis now. It’s a good thing they’re letting you order online; I’d hate to have to miss out on these wonderful exclusives. They look like really fun things to paint.

Oh and speakign of paint…

Here’s some of the random things I’ve been working on recently. I don’t know why I had the urge to paint up and fill my Kossites, or my Greylord Escort (considering I almost never field them anyway), but they were just sitting on my shelf looking all sad and unpainted and I NEEDED to DO something.

The Greylord turned out pretty good though, if I do say so myself!

And the kossites… well… they were relatively fast I guess >.>;;


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