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Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Unboxing

So there hasn’t been a lot of miniature stuff around here lately. Rest assured I’ve been painting for Army on Parade 2017 (should be sometime in October, keep an eye out for it!) but the recent release of the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop was so great I just had to get my hands on it.

Some of you might have played Dawn of War before, and Warhammer 40k is the table-top progenitor of Dawn of War. If you haven’t played Warhammer 40k before, trust me when I say that the 8th edition starter set is probably the best place to start.

I mean just look at the box! It’s huge. And heavy with stuff. You have enough here for a starter army of Space Marines, Chaos Death Guard, as well as the rules. Great for two people to share.

The first thing you see inside is a box protecting the sprues. And the sprues inside are amazing.

So much detail. Even an experienced painter I was blown away by the level of detail of the miniatures. Trust me when I saw that Games-Workshop has gone to a whole new level with these. And while these miniatures are single-pose (which means you have to follow the instructions), they look really good. And I think beginners new to the hobby would appreciate the step-by-step instructions.

And that’s the second place that GW has outdone itself with. The instructions are clear, colour coded, and labelled. You can’t mess it up. This is a damn sight better than what we used to get last time. You guys don’t know how good you got it. /oldfogeyrant

(As an aside, even though these are single-pose models, I think there’s some opportunity for modding. Stay tuned for a possible post down the road.)

The third major upgrade that GW has in here is the fact that you get the whole rulebook. While previous versions had like a mini rulebook, this time they decided to give the WHOLE SHEBANG. There’s also a tiny ‘quick start’ pull out if you need, but just look at the beautiful hardcover core rulebook in the box!

And the art!

Of course, the box also has all the basic stats of the models provided (and if you want to expand your collection you should get the related indices which are also being sold soon).

Other essentials include the bases, a great transparent measuring ruler (definitely and upgrade from last time), and all the transfers you need for the space marines.

While the detail in the miniatures definitely is daunting, I have never before seen Games Workshop so concerned about making Warhammer 40k (both the game and the hobby aspects) so easy to jump on in to.

They even bothered to show a ‘beginner’ and ‘not-so beginner’ tutorial for the Space Marines! (Chaos Death Guard also available.)

I really think that for once newcomers to the game and hobby don’t have much to worry about. It really is the best time to start. And painting (once you get into the zone of it) is actually quite calming. For people that need to try to explain it to their significant others… think of it as a 3d-version of those adult colouring books. Except instead of keeping your coloured pieces never to be seen again you can then take them out and show them off to people.


Warhammer 40k 8th Edition releases 17th June 2017 (although if you camp tonight you should be able to get the midnight release). Go to your Local Game Shop to find out more! Thanks to Gamersaurus Rex for passing me a copy slightly early so that I managed to get this unboxing out on time too!


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