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Tabletop Thursday: Dark Mechanicus Infiltrators with WIP

I really like my infiltrators, but I have to admit they are one of the units that don’t photograph well. Maybe it’s their strange poses, or the perspective of the miniatures. Whatever it is, they’re one of my favourite units, and ones that you really have to see up close and personal to appreciate.

The original inspiration came from me trying to figure out how to use the Rust Stalkers/Infiltrators kit. (Btw I believe that the Rust Stalker/Infiltrators box is one of the best box sets GW has ever come up with) The legs had already been used in a previous Ruststalker/Sedition Wars mashup and I had the head, arms and blades left. Through some bizarre happenstance, I noticed that the heads were the about the same size as some of the Space Hulk Genestealers I had lying around, and even more amazingly, the tube/mechadendrite head looked exactly like the ymgarl feeder tendril heads.

Suitably inspired, I got to hacking.

I snipped off the front of the genestealer head, and the back of the sicarian infiltrator, and I greenstuffed them both together. The hoses that came from the sicarian infiltrator head were also greenstuffed to look like they were coming out through their bodies.

The rest of the kitbash developed organically. Claws, blades and guns from the infiltrators kit. Antennae too. I also added a dark eldar grotesque wrack and other bits, but the detail was to obscure the genestealer silhouette and make it as unrecognizable as possible.

The basecoat that I used was dark and pale skin, and I painted the chitin and metal bits on. I painted the bases of these Infiltrators the same obsidian/reflective black of my necron scenery, because I wanted to have like look like they were tearing themselves out of the terrain.

This is with most of the colour on. I still had the detail and shading to go, but it’s a better look at the dark eldar wrack added onto the leader.

And there it is… the Sicarian/Genestealer Dark Mechanicus Infiltrators.


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