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Dreadknight Part 4

Paint time! If you want to see the conversions, check out these links.

Dreadknight pt 1

Dreadknight pt 2
Dreadknight pt 3

I airbrushed both at the same time to save time, but then I picked out the colors and details individually.


Both dreadknights were primed black before basecoated grey, silver or blue depending on the parts. Some were also masked and airbrushed yellow to get that vault dweller yellow stripe as well. Here’s the non-rifled one.



And the rifled dreadknight.




After airbrushing, I continued to lay down more colour blocks, primarily yellow or red (armor plates) or bronze for other metallic parts. This was followed by lots of shading, especially in the metals to get the colors right.


Some bases for the dreadknights…



And they’re more or less done. I’ll try to get a completed shot of the non-rifled dreadknight. Looks like I totally forgot to get completed shots in my haste to get to the next model. Whoops!



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