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Da Bruvverhood ov Steal

I’m returning to an army I tried to start a year or so ago: Orks.

The awesome thing about orks is that just about everything goes. More than just an army you play, it is an army you convert, you mod and you personalize, much like the picture of the nob that I have up there. I had plans, grand plans of a mixed Deffskullz and and Badmoonz with a few embellishments here and there to make a post apocalyptic themed army called the Bruvvahood ov Steal.

You know… “Waaagh. Waagh never changes.”

But you know how it is, time and that annoyance they call real life tend to conspire to prevent you from completing your wild dreams and projects. So I’ve downgraded some of my plans. First up: I’m just going to be doing a real quick job on my ork boyz. I want them quick and tabletop. Cue: the dip.

I start with a really bright basecoat first…

And then put them in 2 consecutive dips of Ork Brand Post Apocalyptic muck! Well, to be honest it’s really just a really watery mix of black, burnt umber and matt medium much like the special Ork dip by Lemmingspawn over on Coolminiornot. But hey, if it works it works, right? No sense in screwing up a good thing…

Especially when everything comes out so wonderfully grimy! The best thing about dipping is speed. I can finish 10 boyz or more in a day, giving me time to really work on the rest of the army, like scratchbuilding…

Next up: Bits + Plasticard = TRUKK!


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