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Brotherhood of Steal Round Up

While I’ve painted a lot Orks (and I’m still painting my Shadespire team), specifically my Brotherhood of Steal, I think that they may not be a noticeable as I’d like. So, I thought I’d dredge up some of my older pieces, but things that I’m still really proud of.

I actually still have a lot more models painted up (and you could totally just search for ‘orks’ on HereBeGeeks)… these are just the ones that are near and dear to my heart.

PS: Yeah, my army should be called the Bruvvahood ‘ov Steal or something similarly Orky, but my human (and grammar nazi brain) can’t get myself to spell it that way. =p

My first foray into Armies on Parade: Vault 13

Back in 2014, before Warhammer: Red House came onto the scene, the cool guys at Gamersaurus Rex held their very own Armies on Parade. I decided to join it with my first attempt at a foldable display, my Brotherhood of Steal Suitcase.

The Suitcase was just the terrain, I actually had to transport my models seperately. One of these days, I am going to have to revisit this idea, this time actually making it a totally independent carrying display solution.

Vault 13 Part 1
Vault 13 Part 2
Vault 13 Part 3

Brotherhood of Steal meets Titanfall

Part of the Vault 13 Suitcase were my Ork Titanfall Titans. Titanfall was one of my favourite games of 2014, and as someone who loves big hulky robots, I always wanted to make sure my Brotherhood of Steal Orks had their own. I have two titanfall titans, and they’re both shown below.

Titanfall Part 1
Titanfall Part 2
Titanfall Part 3
Titanfall Part 4

Hum! Apparently I never got good painted pictures of these guys up! Well, time to get some pictures onto the blog soon.

Brotherhood of Steal Tellyporta Nobs

While my basic Brotherhood of Steal Orks are in the traditional Vault Dweller/Bad Moon/Death Skulls colours of blue and yellow, I wanted my armored Brotherhood of Steal Orks to be slightly different. As the ‘actual’ Brotherhood of Steel in the Brotherhood of Steal, they would be clad in grey power armor.

The idea being, these guys could be run as Orks, or even a heavily converted ‘count-as’ Grey Knights army. (That’s actually one of the reasons why both the titans earlier were bashed from dreadknights.)

Anyway, these Tellyporta Nobs are part of the armored contingent of orks, and I planned to run them either as Stormboyz (as Orks) or Grey knight Interceptors.

Tellyporta Nobs Part 1
Tellyporta Nobs Part 2

Unikans? Monocans? Not Claptrap!

As part of the Brotherhood of Steal, some of my Killa Kans are modelled after the mono-wheeled securitron from Fallout: New Vegas.

4 years in, I still have no idea what to call them. But no, they’re not Claptrap from Borderlands.

Unikans Part 1
(Hmm. I also need painted pictures of these guys)


More Killa Kans, these guys were built back when the Kan wall was a legit strategy (I prefer dread bash/ Kan Mob/ Heavy Armor mode of Ork armies. Sadly, they’re not really a thing any more.)

Combination of Killa Kans and Sentinels, these were also all magnetized for ease of storage and weapon swaps. I’ll be honest, I can’t be bothered to do that nowadays. Too much work.

Kantinels Part 1
Kantinels Part 2
(What?? More that I never showed painted pictures of? I swear I really should get around to photographing my completed models)


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