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Singapore card game Plantopia launched on Kickstarter

It's based on Life Of A Potato

Whether or not the free seeds from NParks unearthed your long-buried green thumb, here’s a new card game that’s bound to to make you a budding gardener! Plantopia is a strategic card game where players have to use their best gardening abilities to become Plantopia’s Champion Gardener. They launched their Kickstarter last night, and they’ve already met their pledge goal in 3 hours.

Based on the comic series Life Of A Potato, Plantopia is a game for 2 to 5 players, and is aimed at both the casual gamer and the hardcore strategist. Gameplay is pretty simple, as you can see in the gameplay video below, but looking at it, it’s clear that there’s going to be ample space for strategising.

Underneath all the cute drawings and pun-tiful names is a strategic game that’s a collaboration between Singapore-based publisher Origame and Life Of A Potato creators Daylight Studios – creators of the Holy Potatoes games. It’s designed by prolific Singaporean board game designer Daryl Chow – the mind behind Overbooked, The Artemis Project and Mooncake Master.

Pledges for Plantopia start at S$21 for the main game for the first 500 backers, after which the price goes up to S$23 (still 10% off retail). You can also get a collection of Origame games at S$110 – it includes Plantopia, Mooncake Master, Chope!, and Kopi King. Or you can get 6 copies of Plantopia to share with friends at family, also at S$110. All Kickstarter backers will also get 3 Singapore-themed Plant Cards, the Garden City Seed Pack.

Plantopia has also blasted past its first stretch goal of 3 bonus Double Treevolved Plant cards, but there’s more down the pipeline, so be sure to take a look and give it a pledge!


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