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Battledressed Strakhov

As you guys probably already know, one of Nightfall’s stamps we can shoot for is the battledressed stamp. And that’s actually a huge incentive for us painters to finish something- anything! within the three weeks that is the Nightfall league. And what could be better than painting a new model, one that represents the underhanded, Blackops feel that is the Assault Kommando Warcaster?

And so, Strakhov it is!

In keeping with the urban theme that was inherent in my previous Khador Jack, I started with a simple greenstuffed base that was carved to look like flagstone/bricks. I then put in a small gear for some visual interest (those watchparts you can get from ebay are really awesome).

Then a quick paint and washes to texture and grunge up the base…

And then pinning Strakhov on. You can see I worked on the face first. I like working on faces, and generally do them either first or last depending. I want to do them properly, so usually I’ll end up spending quite a bit of time on them. They’re the first thing people are going to look at after all.

Some basecoating. Strakhov has my usual Khador colour build. Sanguine base for reds, Greatcoat Grey for Grey, Darkflesh for browns.

Then some work on the colours:
Gunmetal: Inked down with black then highlighted up.
Brass: Inked down with Devlan Mud and some battlefield brown then highlighted up (with a bit of quicksilver in the final highlights).
Red: Sanguine Base -> Skorne Red -> Khador red base, with some red ink glazing to make it really rich.
Black: Highlighted with Coal Black
Grey: Shaded with Coal Black.

As you can see, I’m a fan of Coal Black. 🙂

The final detailing is primarily his goggles. I spent a bit of extra time on his goggles as well, these small things tend to draw the attention of the viewed. I also painted them green mainly as a contrast to the red that’s on the model, in order to lend an extra bit of attention to his face/head area.

I’ll get some proper photos up in a bit, but you can see he’s all finished and ready to give me a battledressed stamp. So what did you guys paint for your battledressed stamp?


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